1 Hope St.

Brunswick shared office co-working space

Suitable for computing, contemplation and related desk-bound activities

This is a new office space with six permanent desks available.

We have a single enormous steel and wood desk which has six spots, each allowing for a comfortable 1.5m of desk space per person.

Each workspace comes with a Herman Miller Mirra chair (in addition to being highly ergonomically configurable, according to Wikipedia they are also 96% recyclable) and a powerpoint with in-built USB port (‘cause it’s 2018 amirite?) and is illuminated by two four meter long LED pendants which are adjustable between 2400 and 4000 kelvin (shout to Solstice Lighting).

We have a small kitchen as well a bathroom with a shower that you can use to cool off if you’re a sweaty lycra covered bike commuter (although, we’d honestly prefer it if that wasn’t you at all).

We’re looking for freelancers and (very) small teams searching for convenient and affordable shared office space over the short to medium to long-ish term.


  • 1 Hope St. Brunswick, 3056
    (10m from Sydney Road)


  • 100mbps NBN broadband ⚡
  • 24 hour swipe access
  • Herman Miller 'Mirra' chairs
  • Fancy USB powerpoints
  • Heaps of natural light
  • Kitchen for lunch making
  • Professional cleaning

Nice Lunch options:


  • Endless ∞

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